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Supaul has a rich history. Because of that, projects that work on Supaul always score distinctions. There is an ancient school called Williams High School. it is 112 years old.
Humanitarian Personality In India Supaul Bazar is a major business centre covering entire Kosi area of Darbhanga District. This place is business hub since Britishers time. There are several business family and history is associated to this place. One of the Major, and highly prestigious business family of this Place was Mahto Family. The most influencive Name from this family was Lt Babu Sri Bhanu Mahto (21st Dec 1936- 16th Jan 2009). The Family business is very old. In 1932-33 this family business was listed among Income Tax accessee Firms, by the British Tax Collector Mr Datta. This firm was also the first listed firm in entire Zone also. The firm was dealing in wholesale and retail of all Grain, stationery, utensils, clothing, Kerosene oil, Lime sales. It was also engaged in production business of Ghee, Sugar products and chocolates etc. The Family was also engaged in to farming in their 300 Acre farming lands. Family head was Lt Mahanth Sumrit Das. His four sons Lt Haricharan Mahto, Lt Moti Mahto, Lt Banarshi Mahto and Lt Mr Nakchedi Mahto. Gradually the firm enters in to its Golden period from sixtieth decade when business has started to be influenced by Lt Babu Sri Bhanu Mahto and his professional expertise. This firm started to cover the supply to entire Northern Ganga Region for the order fulfillment of deferent supply. Major business of the family was appeared as Textile Firm M/S Sumrit Mahto Banarshi Mahto. This firm was listed by central government of India in 1968-69 during financial recession in Indira Gandhi Govt. Till then the family was surrounded with political environment. Family Friends and relatives were appreciably performed in legislative election of 1967. Some of the selected MLA of 1967 from this circle group of Sri Bhanu Mahto was Adv Ramashrai Rai, Ex Minister Raj Kumar Mahaseth, Ex Minister Dr Mahavir Prasad, Sri Surendra Prasad etc. Family has also some interesting story related to the politics and business. There was some dispute between Ex Railway Minister lr Mr Lalit Narayan Mishra and Lt Babu Sri Bhanu Mahto. Mr Mishra has been dissapointed by court judgment in that matter, and has faced negative impact of their Brahman Community of Mithila. Through out this dispute, there was some turn where Sri Bhanu Babu has made some situation, where the proverb of AANKH BAND, DABBA GAYAB kahabat become popular with the name of Bhanu Babu's Business Expertise. The business link of this family can be imagined, that, once an A level Business Tycoon of that period has came to enjoy the family hosting. The Airport of darbhanga Maharaj was arranged, Guest house (Now used as Girl hostel MRM College, Darbhanga) and Car of Maharaja was arranged. The people needful, studying and talented students, socially backward persons, victims and all those requested near him, has been promoted by him, through his financial, time, influencing referral approaches etc. He was very strong heart, sharp mind, genious, self confident, self maid personality. Always try to be creative and spread the mesage of creativity to people around him by his productivity. He had very sound political, administrative, business, social, litrature, philosophical views. We can learn some great ideas from his life history and messages. We have tried to present his messages in our immature wordings at the bottom of parragraphs. Hope our errors and mistakes should be exempted. The govt employee and scholars are encouraged by him for their promotion and he arranged all possible circumstances from his best efforts to get them promoted at their deserving place. The political friends are also directly or indirectly cooperated during emergency including a Governor Mr Dhanik Lal Mandal, Ex Chief Ministers Mr Karpoori Thakur, Mr B P Mandal, Dr Mahavir Prasad, Mohini Jha etc. He had received heartiest respects from wise persons and senior most people of society. Ex V C Dr Laxman Nath Jha, All India Freedom Fighter Chairman Lt Sri Sobha Kant Jha, Lt Sri Phul Babu Jha, Lt Sri Atma Ram Prasad, Dr Dharam Priya Lal, Trustee Darbhanga Maharaja Sri Naklu Babu, and others. His circle with Administrative Officers include the name of District Magistrate, Samastipur Mr K P Sinha, Finance Director, Bihar Mr Narayan Gope, MLC Mr Ras lal Yadav, First Mayor Darbhanga Mr Ramakant Kunwar, IAS Mr K Armugham etc. He had his desire to get his birth place popular at world map. Therefore he tried from incomplete attempt to get the Kusheshwar Sthan listed among the word tourist place due to the advantage of Shelter to Siberian Birds. We are thankful to the kind people and the society for their regular and great cooperation to Lt Sri Bhanu Mahto and his family. We wish good luck to, the people and admirer of Lt Sri Bhanu Mahto will continue the cooperative identity of this soil. And prove his glory and the history of this land brighten among the world personalities. As in other parts of Bihar, communal harmony exists between Muslims and Hindus.


Supaul is located at 25.93N 86.25E25.93; 86.25[1]. It has an average elevation of 34 metres (111 feet). Rivers: Kosi


The language spoken here is:
• Maithili
• Hindi
• Urdu

Industrial Area

There is no any industry in this area .The agriculter is the main source of income in this area.


The climate of Supaul is of extreme nature, i.e. very hot in the summers and biting cold in the winters.

Administration Structure

There is Four sub-division and Eleven blocks in this district.

District Headquarters : Supaul
Block Headquarters : Kishanpur, Supaul, Nirmali, Saraygrah, Marauna, Pipra, Pratapganj, Tribeniganj, Chhatapur, Raghopur, Basantpur.
Bordering Districts : Madhubani, Saharsa, Araria.