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Massage from S.P. Supaul

Thank you for visiting the Supaul police web site. I am honoured to serve the citizens of Supaul and would like to reassure you all , that I and my team would do our very best to keep the district safe, maintain peace and public order ,clamp down hard on criminals and build a strong police public partnership so that our people prosper and help the development of our district. I would specially wish to make a reference to the fact that for every 1000 men in Supaul ,we have 925 women. My team and I would work to ensure that women rights are respected and women are given equal opportunity to do well. We will shortly be launching programs that would strengthen this and will also take strict action against those that commit crimes against women. My team and I are dedicated to the highest levels of professionalism, fair and transparent policing and rapid action without fear or favour. As we step into a crucial period ie the state elections, i would request you all to give the police the fullest possible cooperation so that we are able to conduct a safe and trouble free poll. Our team is available round the clock to help you and keep you and your property safe and secure. I will be reaching out constantly and meeting various groups and citizens to hear from you directly in terms of what issues you face and your suggestions as to how we could together help create a safer and happier district.

I am highly thankful to Mr. Sunil Kumar, D.I.O. National Informatics Centre, Supaul for hosting the website of Supaul Police with all sincerity.

Success behind launching this website is only due to inspirations from my senior officers whom I am obliged to.